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Richard and his wife saving your site
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Autor Wiadomo

PostWysany: Wto 3:32, 11 Wrz 2007    Temat postu: Richard and his wife saving your site

Hello guys ! This is Richard again ,
Im here again to help you solve the comment spam problem ,I got tons of emails and wasnt able to help all of you but Ill do my best. I am a very nice guy actually, and I want to save the internet world! As I told you I know a lot of spammers because my wife Dosia and I work at a large link spam company.When I saw the blogs , guestbooks and forums full of spammy links I was shocked! I wanted to stop this pest,and I know there is a note book in the office where these techniques are kept secret.Im trying hard to find this secret book.As soon as I find it Ill tell you guys how to prevent the spam comments.Im in danger now guys because my boss will spank me hard for this if he finds out I want to ruin his business!I feel very guilty because these people gave a job for us and we are ruining their business.I know they have a website and they look for links thats why i asked you for a link to their site for me not to feel so guilty and do something good for them too.My wife and I will probably be fired:( But we are r
eady for this to save you. Thank you guys, dont worry,Ill help all of you.Please believe me and our dream will come true.

From Richard and Dosia with love. icq 454 528 835
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PostWysany: Pon 10:59, 25 Lut 2008    Temat postu:

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PostWysany: Czw 18:24, 13 Mar 2008    Temat postu:

Hello All
Im New...
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PostWysany: Pi 10:43, 14 Mar 2008    Temat postu:

Hi Friends,
i am new here and i am from Canada. i love cricket and i am a big fan. Nice
to meet you all guys and hoping to learn more from this forum.
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PostWysany: Wto 7:31, 18 Mar 2008    Temat postu:


. ?
, ...
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PostWysany: Czw 11:28, 20 Mar 2008    Temat postu:

Hi I thought I would started giving my introduction to the members. I am
banker by professional and most of the time I play online casino sites.
Gambling is my passion and hobby. I enjoy joining forums, which interest me,
and looking forward to meeting new members here.
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PostWysany: Nie 7:32, 30 Mar 2008    Temat postu:

Hello. Let's get acquainted!
My name is Jessika.
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PostWysany: Pon 13:24, 31 Mar 2008    Temat postu:

I'm Paul from Canada, a retired Author. I've only been at this about 4
months now, and I've hit the ground running. I'm only really getting around
to visiting all the forums now. I still have a lot to learn but I'm getting

All the best,

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PostWysany: Pon 22:02, 31 Mar 2008    Temat postu:

E-gold is gradually leaving, who'll substitute it?
Its was a time when I was using e-gold everywhere but after all that problems and account freezing Ive no trust to e-gold. Now Im vacillating between pecunix and Perfect Money But after Pecunix had been ddosed for a whole month Ive got a wish to work only with Perfect Money.
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